About us

Porto Brazil was established in 2009. We currently sell our products through the e-commerce www.portobrazil.net. Our designers are continuously working to create the most innovative bikinis and beachwear on the market. We have offices in Brazil, Norway and Spain. The result is a thrilling mix of Brazilian beauty combined with a European style!

It´s all about the details – those you can see and those you can’t – to give the wearer a truly transformational swimwear experience. That´s why we built to last, we have invested in fabric testing to get the following components that will make your summer outfit the best of the year. We get vibrancy colors over time, rigorous SPF and anti-transparency testing, the swimwear won’t deteriorate, bag, or stretch with wear as every piece is structured to deliver comfort and confidence no matter how active your beach life is.

Porto Brazil has its own in-house Brazilian designer team with experts in apparel design, garment fit, and construction, attending to everything from swimsuits, to personalized bikini designs, to restyling many other Brazilian summer clothing garments. Manufactured locally in Brazil Porto Brazil stands out due to the extensive use of product placement, and the clothing brand has repeatedly received international recognition in the media when various influencers have been spotted wearing Porto Brazil ´s designs.

We are part of this planet and that´s why we are conscious about the impact we have on it. For those and many more reasons we use sustainable fabric that doesn’t require high amounts of water, doesn’t disrupt the food chain, and uses a production process that lowers energy consumption by 20%. Our World is precious and so we are therefore we have to protect every single bit of it.

Porto Brazil´s new collection features a refreshing inspirational and natural feel reminding Brazilian nature, combining cheerful colors from the bio-diverse rainforest, rivers, cliffs, and coastlines of this fascinating country along with beautiful wildlife prints that will make the most of your summer beachwear unique. The brand stands out for its edgy style that mixes Brazilian exotic trends and the European elegance and functionality. Porto Brazil´s colourful swimwear selection attracts women who are more and more confident each day and feel more comfortable when wearing the brand.